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About me

who am I

Jennifer Wioland, born in Germany on April 10th, 1977. I have been living in France with my husband and our two children since 2000. I love nature and feel very connected to mother earth. Creativity, curiosity about energy work, my spontaneous nature and zest for life characterize my personality. After some personal challenges in life and looking for the core of my source, I found Health Kinesiology. I was able to see difficult times and situations from a different perspective, which helped me to open up and realign myself.
In the course of my life I have learned that I can rely on my strong intuition. I trust that everything that shows up, whether positive or negative, is right at this moment to set something in motion. Movement means change, this leads to - challenge, which in turns to - growth!

I let life guide myself and I trust!

        - I love the live!

What can I give
My vision

Through my personal life experiences in school, various professions, illness and family, I have very good empathy. Experience has shown that my broad knowledge of various methods and exercises is very valuable in accompanying my kinesiological process. In this way I can support each individual client optimally and individually, because each person has his own process. Health Kinesiology adheres exactly to this process and shows what has to be worked on with the client as a priority. It is very important to me to place a deep trust in my clients from the start.

I want to inspire people and give them the space to find their center again. It is a matter close to my heart to accompany people in their process and to support them according to their individual needs. Everyone should have the opportunity to discover their true potential so that they can lead a peaceful and self-determined life.

When I really began to love myself, I freed myself from everything that was not healthy for me and from everything that was always pulling me down, away from myself.

When I really began to love myself, I stopped longing for another life and could see that everything around me was an invitation to grow.

As I began to truly love myself, I could see that emotional pain and suffering are only warnings to me not to live against my own truth.

When I really began to love myself, I came to understand that I am in the right place at the right time at every opportunity and that everything that happens is right.
........ From then on I could be calm.



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