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Individual session

During an initial consultation, I ask how you are and your personal concerns. In the conversation I would like to point out that a kinesiological session is not a promise of healing and is not a substitute for a visit to the doctor. I will inform you about the process of a kinesiology session and explain the muscle test to you. The meeting usually takes place lying down. Using the muscle test, I determine the appropriate method to bring the energy system back into balance so that the personal goal can be achieved and the energy flow can be reactivated. The acupuncture points are held on the clothing during the application. Sufficient water should be drunk before and after a session to support the energy system in its process. I ask for your understanding when I say you to all clients, this makes my work easier and connects me even more personally with your energy system.


After the kinesiology session


It makes sense if you take time again and again in the following days / weeks after a session to reflect and track down what has changed in connection with the topic you are working on. You support the change actively and independently.


Ethical guidelines


As a kinesiologist, I follow ethical guidelines.

These include: partnership, autonomy of the client, active listening, clarity and transparency of the work as well as confidentiality.



The kinesiologist does not make a medical diagnosis, prescribe or treat it.


He never asks for treatment to be suspended.


He offers a potential complement for health professionals involved in stress and emotional management.


Muscle tests in no way help diagnose, predict the future, reveal or confirm a past fact, or know if a person is telling the truth.


The kinesiologist does not use the muscle test to assess the person or to impose decisions on them.

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