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What helped me in my first recovery steps


Vitamins and minerals


Sodium baths

Electrolysis foot baths

Cold shower

Laugh yoga



Breathing excercise

Shadow work

Set a target

I already described how it all began in my first blog report. Today I would like to report on the attempted and failed, but also on the successful recovery steps.

It is very important to me that my frustration, which may be felt in the text, should not be a reproach to the orthodox doctors, laboratories or other institutions that I have visited during my medical history. I know they have to stick to the system. I just find it a shame that when these authorities are made aware of what was really a great help out of a hopeless situation, that they close their ears and eyes and don´t open themself to the truth. After my 4-day stay in hospital, I wondered if anyone had even listened to what I was telling the doctors. Because in the photos I showed, very strong rashes were visible all over the body. By the time I was in the hospital, my arms were itchy and there were minor spots on my back. I explained to them that I had spent the last few months bathing in baking soda in the tub for several hours, initially every 2 to 3 days. When I was allowed to leave the clinic after a ridiculous blood analysis with the minimally tested blood values, a biopsy, 2 full baths with a milky agent, I received the doctor's report, which actually said that my own applications such as soda baths did NOT help. I was even more astonished when I pointed out to the doctor that I had the feeling that it might have something to do with my hormones and that they did not respond, and even said that hormones could not be found in saliva. Of course, I always pretended to be stupid and just said that maybe you can only do that in Germany. Also, when I was told that I had already reaction during night when I had strong dreams, it was only said ironicaly that I would believe this. I confirmed yes you are right, I believe so and yes, I consult a psychologist. Then they said, "ah yes, that's good".

After the hospital stay, however, I was cured. I can only explain it like this, I arrived almost cured at the hospital because my applications (kinesiology, soda baths, nutrition, minerals ...) have helped me a lot. My husband had put so much faith and hope in the clinic that he was convinced that I would come out of the clinic cured. This hope was confirmed for him when he saw me, our marriage was saved. Of course, my husband's positive attitudes were positive energies for my body and so he could find sleep and recovery again. But a short time later, the whole process had started all over again! It was very bad for all of us to have such a big setback after such a success. I was devastated and began to give up on myself. My husband was again overwhelmed and weakened by my condition. All worries started all over like an old nightmare. The cortisone that I had to smear on my arms in the hospital hadn't helped; in my opinion it stirred up everything that I had so laboriously built up. But maybe I was afraid again of having to return to my professional life, before which I was terribly psychologically panicked. My great pressure to perform, because I had had for years, made itself felt again. Since my concentration was severely weakened by the lack of sleep, subconsciously I no longer saw a future for myself. How should I be able to survive in professional life? Everything started to blossom again pretty quickly. My body couldn't fight it.
After a follow-up examination in the hospital, I ended up with a new doctor who had never seen me before and even himself was amazed that I was now one of his patients. He prescribed UV radiation for me. So I went to UV radiation for 3 minutes every other day. It was more stressful for me because I didn't like going out of the house anymore and also had pain and discomfort with every movement because the skin was so dry again. Usually the doctor looks at the result after the 10th appointment, but apparently this has been forgotten. So I pointed it out 13 times and, hard to believe, the same doctor came to check my condition. He decided with an explicit shake of his head that there was no point in going on. So I was told that the secretariat would call me again to make a new appointment. But this would take about 3 weeks, I shouldn't be surprised. Since no one had called after 6 weeks, I called the hospital to inquire. A very abrupt secretary gave me information that my doctor no longer works in the hospital, but in a city (50km away). She gave me the phone number and when I asked why I wasn't informed about it, she said she has patients to care for.
So I called the doctor and got an appointment almost 3 months later. Incredible when you find yourself in such an agonizing situation. In retrospect, I wonder if they are doing this on purpose to make the patients even more desperate and ultimately unwilling.
Also with every blood analysis (in France you are sent to a laboratory to have your blood drawn) I had an incredible experience every time and had to come to the second blood test because my colleague was wrong. A stool sample was not examined for the implicit analysis, which was marked with a yellow light pen, and had to be sent in a second time. Not for free, of course! In the third example, I was informed by another laboratory involved that there was a technical error and the analysis had to be repeated again.
As I said before, I don't blame anyone for making mistakes, that can happen! However, I would like to draw people's attention to the fact that they should protect themselves from this system and take their own responsibility. As a sick person one is quickly helpless and feels at the mercy of this system. There is no way that this should happen. You should always find out more about your illness and study several sources. There is so much that doctors fail to take into account as all they are looking for is to combat the symptoms.
For example, no one should undergo treatment unless a number of important blood values ​​have been analyzed. I'm not just talking about magnesium and thyroid values, but also values ​​such as vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, manganese, vitamin C and vitamin B.
Of course, you have to carry some of these analyzes yourself, but it  in my conditions it was worth it to me. I at least wanted to know if it is because of a lack of nutrients that I cannot get well. Out of my desparate situationm I followed my own intuition again and took again my baths regularly, as well as taking zinc and vitamin C and vitamin D3, calcium carbonicum, the rash at least didn't get worse and there were signs of improvement. A few kinesiological sessions followed, in which some of the psychological and physical stress was harmonized. My heavy metal exposure from previous amalgam fillings was a big issue. I then tried to support my body with the detoxification that showed up through the skin. I did an intestinal rehabilitation and only ate gluten-free, sugar-free and a vegetarian and organic diet. No coffee, no black tea and of course no alcohol. I looked for information on the Internet and came across histamine intolerance, to which my disease was similar. Since stress and the woman's monthly cycle promote the release of histamine, this matched my symptoms very closely. However, no doctor helped me with my assumption, except that I was prescribed antihistamine tablets.
The lack of sleep also bothered my body a lot. I think the nutritional supplements supportively helped me avoid falling into a deep depression. But no doctor has ever pointed this out to me! I did that on my own initiative. By chance, which in my opinion doesn't exist, I got a link to an online neurodermatitis congress. I heard several lecturers on the subject there every day for eleven days. It was very helpful for me to hear so many different tips on different levels and it really confirmed what I have already done.
There was actually nothing that I didn't try. I tried to get myself out of my circulation with the help of tapping and whenever I had a thrust I used tapping. Namely, you have to tap a sentence in the left side of the brain that has to be negatively shaped around the left ear and speak and repeat it several times. e.g .: My autoimmune system no longer has any problems with my hormones and endogenous substances. Then the right ear is tapped and discussed with a positive sentence: My autoimmune system is in perfect harmony with my body. I have to say that in these situations it is not easy to motivate yourself to do something in a disciplined manner and that even without knowing whether it will work at all. One of the things I learned in the congress was that it takes 10,000 to 14,000 applications for the brain to be reprogrammed. I was still a long way from that number.
I wanted to take the chance and at least to get out of my victim role, this application was a great help. Laughter Yoga, which I had been doing for a while, was also an important resource at the time. Yes, when you are helpless and desperate you do things that you might otherwise never have done. I have to say, it's a big challenge to see yourself in the mirror and laugh heartily when you look 30 years older and feel like crying. But I can only encourage everyone to include laughter in their recovery program. Already a 30 second wide grin triggers the happiness hormones in the body, even if it is not a real laugh! The brain cannot tell the difference and therefore releases the hormones anyway. It's good that I am not yet intolerant of these hormones! My kids thought that was stupid! I had to do my weird exercises in the bathroom. By the way, the bathroom became my living room and bedroom. I felt most comfortable there.
I was alone and it was warm, I had my bathtub and all of my creams I needed to survive. There I found refuge, could cry and withdraw. Above all, I wanted to appear strong in front of the children and tried as best I could to hide my true feelings. Sometimes, I noticed how much I wanted to turn the kids away when they needed me in moments when I was feeling bad. I got real internal tantrums and wanted to run away. But as a mother it is then “grit your teeth and through”. I think the children suffered subconsciously, but they were able to protect themselves well on the conscious level by finding distractions in the social network. Once my daughter, mom, asked me what would you do when we were little? !! I had already asked myself this question! It would have been a lot worse, just inconceivable, and I'm grateful that it wasn't the case. Now they are at an age where I can tell them, “it has nothing to do with you”…. In addition, I am often grateful that I have to endure these torments and not my children! As a mother, I would suffer even more than I suffer myself.
What also helped me a lot were the supportive words that I took with me from Lindau Veit's online courses. I always drew hope and at the same time accepted my shadows that want to be transformed. With his clear and powerful explanations and representations, wisdom and invitations to self-knowledge, he made a great contribution to the fact that I did not give up on myself. He taught me that even small steps lead to a goal, as long as you take one step every day. I practiced it and as soon as I felt good for an hour, I got myself up and got down to business. Even if it wasn't big and didn't last long, at least I moved to it! And after all, exercise is the key word for the desired success! Yes, and that leads me to my next major resource. I go for a walk once a day, usually around noon, and recharge my batteries in nature. During this time I am always free from itching and can BREATH. I also did my meridian exercises, which I recommend to everyone, almost every day. I don't know how else I could have survived a year without sleep. Thanks to my kinesiological knowledge, I was able to repeatedly test which exercises or methods were the most optimal at the time. One time it was the energy exercises by Donna Eden, the other time it was Qi Gong exercises or yoga. My energy system also often needed sound therapy using tuning forks in order to be able to organize itself again. But sometimes it was just a chat with good friends or my mum. A regular meeting with friends or family was unfortunately not possible during the COVID 19 period, so we at least tried to meet every now and then via video conference. That helped me to think of other things than just my illness.

What I can say about the course of my illness and its treatment is that such an imbalance in the body can appear from one day to the next. Then it is important to be patient with yourself and the illness. And that is by far the most difficult part of the whole disease! Patience - when do we learn that in life ?! Only when we are dependent on it do we have the chance to study patience! There is almost nothing more difficult than learning to be patient! Do not give up! Take this path, step by step, even if it is small steps first. Listen to your promptings, but also always be clear and neutral towards other people, ideas and methods. Sometimes we are stressed about something and run in circles. Then it is important to realign yourself and go new ways.

I have learned that it is important to trust the method you have chosen, no matter what others say and think. If you then realize that it is not working, you will find a new impulse. Nevertheless, you should give each method the chance to work long enough. There is no point in changing the method every three weeks. During the recovery, other aspects such as a healthy diet, exercise and stress reduction, energy building should be considered at the same time. One should also deal with the spiritual level. There are often many aspects that affect recovery, not just one method !!
Yes, and then there is kinesiology, which I would like to report on, to what extent it has helped me and is still helping today. I mainly practice Health Kinesiology, which was created by Jimmy Scott in 19xx. It gave me strength in every way. I was often able to give my own sessions, but I also wanted someone to accompany me so that I could look at everything more neutrally and objectively. I have found two wonderful alternative practitioners who have accompanied me kinesiologically based on Health Kinesiology. By harmonizing my energy system with many substances that my body no longer accepted from one day to the next, I was able to eat again bit by bit. At first I was so weak that I reacted very sensitively to all environmental influences. It was a very worrying, painful and hopeless situation. Through the kinesiology sessions my energy system stabilized again and I was no longer sensitive to these influences. Without this first success, I would have had no chance at all to find an approach towards recovery. In the second step, the focus was on psychological aspects. Fear of itching, fear of the future …… I am safe when I am healthy… we relieved from situations in which I was overwhelmed as a child and from which I have drawn wrong conclusions all my life. Little by little, shell by shell, like an onion we made progress. With health kinesiology, the focus is primarily on the individual process. Only what the energy system can currently process has priority. That was so important in my process because I couldn't allow myself to take another big step backwards. The first successes became apparent when we had harmonized the physical and psychological stress. My scalding hot back, which had been open and purulent for months, was able to regenerate. But that also took time. How do you say so beautifully in kinesiology? It is a process! Yes, we need these processes in order to experience self-knowledge. After all, the body wants to tell us something with the disease and therefore it makes no sense during the process not to reflect on what could be the cause of the disease. We don't work here like in conventional medicine and try to suppress the symptom as quickly as possible. No, this process is an independent, loving way of dealing with yourself in search of the truth and the cause. And who knows the truth better than our own body? Because the body doesn't lie, as we say in kinesiology. From then on, I had developed a body awareness again and could move again. However, I wasn't as agile as I would have liked, because my skin was as dry as the salt flats in Death Valley. Every movement was far from pleasant. I'd tried pretty much everything on the market, but a cream couldn't moisturize my skin for more than 5 minutes. Since I was well accompanied by kinesiology, I was able to pursue more impulses and listened to my intuition. That was the saving impulse with the soda bath! Although my mother didn't think it was a good idea, I followed my impulse. It was very good for me, at least I was able to switch off from my excruciating itching in the three hours and my skin was no longer so unbearably tight. I got the exact explanation for this a few months later while watching the online convention. It was then that I realized that the body knew exactly what it needed at the time. Bathing in lukewarm water for more than 40 minutes activates osmosis (water ph-7,4!use indicator!). A detoxification process is initiated through the skin. If you bathe for more than 2 hours, the detoxification process goes deeper and in some cases can even support the organs. This process is also tedious! I felt freshly born for 1 hour after the bath and had tender skin, but only for an hour. Then the whole process started all over again. A stress-free and healthy diet is beneficial when taking these baths. We want to support the body as much as possible. After a while, the oozing pustules have also decreased. That was an indication that part of the detox process was over. Today the skin has regenerated itself well, it just itches, whereby the "ONLY" is still a great torment that still strains my nerves every day and night and deprives me of sleep.
Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the importance of BREATHING! So often I have made up my mind to watch my breathing and again and again I have caught myself how fast and shallowly I breathe! Our organs, cells, blood, our entire energy system depend on our conscious and deep breath. Every time I remembered it and took a deep breath, I immediately felt the power in it! How do we want to support our organs and activate our self-healing when we are not breathing properly? Breath is LIFE! Try it! Get in your breath in the here and now! Can you feel the difference If not, it is often because we no longer feel each other. We have neglected our body for far too long that we don't even feel it anymore. So, take your time every now and then and feel your body again! He's so intelligent, he'll tell you what's wrong with him if you listen carefully. As the saying goes in kinesiology - the body doesn't lie!
Even if I've made harsh comments here and there, that's not a reproach! Please do not get this wrong. I wrote the text as a suffering patient in a victim position. It is important to me to leave this report as it is, because I want to open myself to my feelings and make people aware of the vulnerability in such a situation. In retrospect, I saw a lot of positive things in the negative experiences. Every situation was the most optimal in the right place at the right time!

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