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My way out of atopic dermatitis part II

I had made progress with homeopathy, despite the dermatologist's assumption that homeopathy would not help me, I had experienced more and more stability with regard to the skin disease. I found more sleep again and recovered better overall. My realization that I can support other people in difficult times has confirmed that I should live my calling. I wanted to get completely healthy as soon as possible so that I could use my strengths. I felt that I should no longer just function and that my inner gift wanted to come out. I now wanted to take care of this personal growth.I found strength to design my own logo and website. This enabled me to develop confidence again. Step by step I created visions of how I can develop my independence further. My goal was to regain my strength by imagining myself as a coach. I knew inside that I was capable of this and now wanted to work on my old conditioning that had been trying to talk me out of such visions for years. I started planning the project to teach young people in Alsace German using kinesiology. It is close to my heart to do something meaningful in my life and with that I have found a fulfilling task. Children in Alsace have German lessons from 9-12 years old and can say two sentences at the end. This shows that a blockage has developed that can only be overcome with great difficulty without an auxiliary method. Even the teachers recognized this problem long ago, but their hands are tied because they are not familiar with adequate support methods and the school system would not allow other options. Whether I can implement this plan remains to be seen ... I will report on it when the time comes.

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